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Sun Nov 14 11:26:20 CST 1999

--- Shay Harding <mekla at> wrote:
> > --- Shay Harding <mekla at> wrote:
> > > [SNIP] 
> > > Sr. Java developer
> > > ---------------------------------------------
> > > 4+ years exp. developing commercial Java
> > > applications/applets
> > > JDBC experience (with Mysql preferrably)
> > > UNIX exp (NT helpful)
> > > [SNIP]
> Sorry, that didn't come out quite like it was meant.
> A better version:
> Sr. Java developer
> ---------------------------------------------
> 4+ years combined exp. developing commercial
> applications (in languages like C,
> C++, Java, Perl)
> 2+ years Java experience req. (of the 4 yrs.
> mentioned above)
> JDBC experience (with Mysql preferrably)
> UNIX exp (NT helpful)
> > I think Gosling is already employed.  4+ years in
> > Java? Developing commerical applications?  I'd say
> > 175-200K per annum at the bottom range, guys.
> Maybe as a freelancer on a contract basis you will
> get that sort of money, but
> as a salaried employee it's almost unheard of unless
> you are God. In this
> regard you better be able to take the source code
> from RedHat Linux and port it
> to Java :) The top guy at Sun may be making that
> much. I guess if you take all
> the benefits and liquidate them it would equal about
> that, but you specify that
> is the bottom range indicating that people with more
> experience make more than
> that which would be about 250k - 300k range.
Actually, I was focusing on the "commercial apps"
portion mostly.  I'm seeing that as a "shrink-wrapped"
product, or one that is not just for internal use, but
contributes directly to the company's bottom line. 
That in itself will significantly increase the
programmer's value to the company, and thus his/her
salary range.  If, by commercial, you mean apps that
are meant for internal use, then the price tag would
be closer to 80-100K, given the Java experience.  
> This makes me kind of curious what the range of
> experience is on this list and
> who actually works as a programmer and what the
> general salary range is being
> paid in Phoenix metro area. We employ 9 programmers
> right now and I know the
> range of salaries is anywhere from 25k - 85k gross
> per year. Not bad for a
> start-up company with 2.5 years behind them and no
> outside funding (from
> venture capital or stock anyway). I'm sure the
> bigger companies like Motorola
> pay more for qualified programmers.
> I can say I work as a programmer, but my job is a
> little more involved since I
> not only do programming, but also handle the
> majority of DBA tasks, UNIX
> software setup/configuration (Apache, Mysql, SSH,
> SSL, etc), and project
> manager. My experience covers a wide range such as:
> 3 yrs UNIX experience with half of that being in a
> production environment.
> Almost 6 yrs Perl experience
>     3 yrs freelance programming
>     1 yr just learing stuff
>     ~2 yrs non-freelance (company)
> ~2 yrs database experience (mostly Mysql, some
> Oracle)
> 1 yr C/C++ exp (all on my own)
> Some Javascript/Java
> Other fool around with stuff: Cobol, BASIC, VB5
> (made some apps)
> I've dabbled in several languages and am learning
> more of Java again.
> From searches on the web the salary seems to be from
> 35k - 90k (mostly). There
> are some for over that, but not many and they want
> someone who knows everything.
> Shay
I've been fortunate to work as a professional for
close to 18 years (CP/M, DbaseII at the start), in
Unix since 1984. My salary is actually derived from
the Washington DC area, where salaries are about 30%
higher than here.  I also serve as the backup DBA for
the company, intranet webmaster (Apache and MIIS), and
program in Perl, Powerbuilder, C, and Transact-SQL
(Sybase and MS SQLServer).

                  Dave Warner


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