Job Opportunity

Shay Harding mekla at
Fri Nov 12 10:17:17 CST 1999

> >• A BS in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience. 6+
> >years experience in software product development. 2+ years in web related
> >product development, technologies and solutions.
> >• 2+ years advanced Perl programming (Object oriented Perl 5.x)
> >• Experience building web-based applications with Perl/Mod Perl and/or
> >Apache
> >• Experience using DBI/DBD for major databases
> >• Significant understanding of SQL and database development
> >• 2+ years experience in object oriented design and programming such as C++
> >• Excellent technical background in Internet technologies. At least 2 years
> >experience in application development utilizing some of the following web
> >technologies: D/HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, XML, Java, JFC, SWING, IFC,
> >JavaBeans, CGI, Perl, web servers on Windows NT or Sun Solaris.
> >• Experience with low level technologies is a plus: HTTP, SSL, ISAPI, NSAPI,
> >etc.
> >• Experience interfacing with SQL database servers: ODBC, JDBC, OCI, DBLIB,
> >SQL, etc.
> >• Experience with application and database servers.
> >• A proven track record in software development.
> >• Knowledge and experience with Unix and Windows NT.
> >• Sound knowledge of product development cycle.
> >• Experience and appreciation of international software development and an
> >understanding of the issues is a major plus.

Damn! Sounds like they want God... too bad I'm already employed :)

Just kidding, must be the mudslides getting to me. I see these come through the
Perl job lists every day. I just wonder what they are paying for someone like
this. If they pay less than $100k per year, they won't get what they want.

While we're on this subject, if there is anyone on this list looking for a job
coding Perl or Java that meet the criteria to follow, contact me since the
company I work for is looking to hire several more programmers. Of course
salary depends on experience.

Perl programmer
2+ years Perl experience. OO preferred but not required.
SQL knowledge. Mysql preferrably. DBI/DBD interface.
Knowledge of different Perl modules (LWP, CGI, etc)
UNIX exp.

Mostly this person will be maintaining and upgrading existing code. New code
will be written as needed.

Sr. Java developer
4+ years exp. developing commercial Java applications/applets
JDBC experience (with Mysql preferrably)
UNIX exp (NT helpful)

This person will be the first of several Java developers to be hired and will
be responsible for learning the company's systems inside and out. When other
Java developers are hired they will fall directly under this person's control
to coordinate the 'Java team' of programmers. This person will report directly
to the Project Manager on status, timelines, etc.

For both positions knowledge of UNIX sockets and networking is definitely
helpful. If you know of anyone who fits one of the above descriptions, have
them contact me at:  sharding at or call me at 602-248-8582

Wow! This kind of turned out to be an ad eh? Anyway I'm going to make it to
this next meeting, especially since we are discussing OO stuff :)


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