Editors (was: Re: Phoenix.pm: Mac/Windows -> Unix line endings)

Phaedrus phaedrus at endless.org
Mon Nov 8 17:37:32 CST 1999

"in any case, enjoy.  or don't.  let me know if you like it.  we (tom
and kevin buettner, my co-authors, and me) like getting fan mail.  there's
not much other compensation for producing free software..."

Hey, I actualy checked out the URL, and it turns out Kevin is one of the
authors of vile... very interesting. I've always wondered what drives a
person to write an editor, and now I guess I know someone who I can ask...

> If you're looking for a vi clone, you ought to try xvile (or vile if
> you're stuck using the console).  You can configure it (--with-perl)
> so that you can use perl as an extension language to make the editor
> even more powerful.
> You can get [x]vile from ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/dickey/vile .
> The other thing to try out (if you're like me and are used to
> vi key-bindings) is emacs in viper mode.  It's pretty good.
> Kevin
> -- 
> Kevin Buettner
> kev at primenet.com, kevinb at cygnus.com

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