Mac/Windows -> Unix line endings

Janis janis at
Sun Nov 7 21:36:14 CST 1999

Nooooo! noooooo OS wars, please!!! 

-Heather (laughing, cuz she knows Phaedrus prefers FreeBSD too...) ;-)

> Phaedrus wrote:
> > Anyone who continues to use 'more' after 'less' has become virtualy a de
> > facto standard should not be allowed to come within 100 yards of a working
> > computer...
> >
> > -s
> de facto standard on what OS? I know that it comes on that Linux script kiddy
> OS but not the more mature OSes that real hackers use, like say FreeBSD.
> Although less is nice, it is kind of overkill for a pager. That's what gets
> Linux into so much trouble, no limits, everything is overboard. Now they are
> forced to redo /proc.
> -- Peter
> (I hope you know that I am laughing because this is a joke, maybe :-)

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