Mac/Windows -> Unix line endings

Pablo Velasquez pablo at
Fri Nov 5 15:52:34 CST 1999

This is a vaguely related tangent. I use a program called EditPlus which
has color syntax and many great features, like unlimited "undo". Very handy.

I write my scripts on NT/test on NT(have a full duplicate system), then
just upload my files to the Linux box.

EditPlus is great for coding, at least I've found it to be. The color
coding templates, choose your own colors for different types of quoting,
variables, on and on. Unlimited "undo"... Also you get this nice panel of
all your open scripts. 

It's shareware, here is a link for info and download:

Well, just thought you might find it interesting.


At 01:11 PM 11/5/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Will Doug or someone please enlighten me.  Does this mean
>that the output from programs such as dos2ux or dos2unix
>is unacceptable, or is this simply 'I'd rather do it myself'?
>  -- Ron
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>Subject: Mac/Windows -> Unix line endings
>This is a little script that I use to convert Mac/Windows format files
>to Unix format:
>#!/usr/bin/perl -pi
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