Puzzle or Headache ... bing!

Giffin Ron-P08295 Ron.Giffin at
Tue Nov 2 15:17:59 CST 1999

Aaaargs!  Long lines with unanticipated whitespace or characters:
This Perl rookie's albatross!

Well, I just solved this little puzzle, right after I had given up :)

Turns out sendmail adds that extra '!' when you go above 991 characters
that are not seperated by a newline.

I just sent 2 e-mails, one with 991 characters and one with 992 and indeed
the second one had the '!' right after character 991.

I feel much better now.

You see, the original document was a long long document of legal language
(which contains tons of metacharacters) so I had though, could it be one of
those metacharacters that is causing this problem, or perhaps some
combination of perl functions being called from within the document
inadvertently. Now we know.

Hope you all enjoyed this perl adventure.


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