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Glen G. Walker coyotl at
Mon Mar 1 17:44:13 CST 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Shay Harding wrote:

> OK, for those of you not making $50K per year... you know who you are  :)  the
> company I work for really needs Perl programmers that have a solid
> grasp/ability to learn quickly of the following:

So far so good...

> 1-- Perl modules, their uses and how to use them (how to implement or LWP
> suite for instance)


> 2-- Grasp of complex data structures. An example would be the following:


> 3-- Simple HTML stuff


> 4-- SQL, specifically Mysql database using DBI/DBD modules and mysql driver.


> 5-- UNIX environment (UNIX knowledge not required but helpful).


> 6-- OOP would be nice but not required.


Well, I have two out of six... :)

If they are still hiring in about six months, I will be very interested...

> A bit of a warning. This company offers web hosting (to include colocation) and
> credit card processing services. Probably 90% of our clients own adult oriented
> sites and we host most of them so contact with such is inevitable.

No prob... :)

Glen G. Walker,  coyotl at	

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