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Fri Jan 22 12:18:49 CST 1999

quoth Bryan:

\_ >2) If we're looking for members, dropping a note off to phoenix linux
\_    user's group (PLUG) or AZ Sys Admin (AZSAGE) would prolly generate
\_    a heap o' folks.
\_ That was one of the items we talked about on Tuesday's meeting.  Only there
\_ is one hole with this plan, no one was assigned to do the honors.

Unless someone supersedes me or posts to plug before I do, I'll drop
in a note today along about 2 or so.  I don't subscribe to AZSage's
list, so someone else want to step forward?

\_ One for
\_ East Valley folks, and the other for West Valley folks.  ASU would be a
\_ definite possibility.  Anyone have other ideas?

The only problem would be if they aren't connected at least audioly.
I don't know if there's enough mass for an East/West division yet (but
that comes from not making it to the meeting, too, I suppose.  :-)

\_ ideas, so I'm sure that anyone who has an idea can rest assured
\_ that it will be seriously considered.

Don't go sayin' that.  You'll get my hopes up and I'll start making up
unreasonable ideas.  Involving rewarding attendance with beer and
bucket's o' gold, for example.

ob perl: don't check for an undefined status using undef.  use 
(! defined()) instead.

ob comment: No, I *swear* I never did this.  :-)


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