sinck at sinck at
Fri Jan 22 09:33:06 CST 1999

1) Reply doesn't work as I expected (mail wanted to go back to the
   individual rather than the list).  How does everyone else feel
   about this, and can the setting be changed?

2) If we're looking for members, dropping a note off to phoenix linux
   user's group (PLUG) or AZ Sys Admin (AZSAGE) would prolly generate
   a heap o' folks.

3) Meetings.  Yum.  Tasty.  Wish there were a televideo option for
   those of us to lazy to drive out of our burbette to Phoenix.  Mebbe
   we can use ASU facilities for this?  If we invited students?

   Don't anyone get hyper, it was just an idea.  :-)  Show them the
   true way before they have to learn something useful, like, say,
   Fortran.  Sorry, FORTRAN.

4) As to the OS of choice for me, I run linux by default, but have
   '95 and NT on my box at home as well.  Keeps the customers happy.

5) Ob perl: when using a flat-file database for a cgi app, please be
   sure to wrap the calls to read/write the file with flock().  I've
   had to deal with other folks' race condition-corrupted files too
   many times now.  OTOH, it's good for job security.  :-)


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