Call for next meeting ideas

sinck at sinck at
Thu Feb 18 09:23:14 CST 1999

\_ I haven't seen any replies to this.
\_ I'm new to the list, so, I don't know what direction people will be
\_ coming from.  I live in East Mesa, and can suggest some good spots
\_ over here.  Anyone willing to drive to Mesa?
Yes, since I live on the Chandler side of the Tempe/Mesa/Chandler
conjoin.  :-)

It's also why I haven't made it to any meetings [yet].  I just can't
work up ambition to make it into central pheonix for much of any
reason, even one as nifty as perl.  This would be, what virtue #1:
laziness?   :-)

BTW, if you haven't heard, PLUG, PJUG, AZSAGE (?), etc are trying to
figure out how to pull in favors/strings what have you since Eric
Raymond is going to be in PHX in a bit and trying to convince him to
speak at one/some/all of the groups.  Anyone not on those list(s) have
resources?  ESR is a good speaker....


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