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Jim said it as well as I could, so I'm just going to forward his email
to the NY Perlmongers group.


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Subject: 2020 Baltimore-DC Perl -> Perlyglot Workshop announced


In 2020 the DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop will be renamed the "DC-Baltimore
Perlyglot Workshop" -- no doubt in part to reflect the renaming of Perl 6 to
Raku.  The conference's web site is up (URL above) and the Call for
Presentations is open at https://tinyurl.com/rbb3wcm

The conference tends to alternate between the Washington and Baltimore
metropolitan areas.  Last year it was held in Silver Spring, Md., just outside
the DC border, so this year it moves back to Baltimore.  It will be held at:

Johns Hopkins University
Charles Commons
10 E. 33rd St
Baltimore, MD 21218

Saturday, April 18th: two simultaneous workshop sessions
Sunday, April 19th: open code hacking day

This conference has always made for a good spring weekend outing! Register at:

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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