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I was going to mention this tonight, but here's the official


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fyi, please help spread the word ...


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DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop - http://dcbpw.org/dcbpw2012

The first DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop (DCBPW) will be held on
Saturday, April 14, 2012, at the Community College of Baltimore
County, Catonsville, Maryland, southwest of Baltimore.

This one-day event will feature two tracks of speakers. In
addition to a track of speakers discussing innovative, exciting,
and fun real world usage of Perl, we will have also have a
day-long track devoted to Perl instruction, targeting both people
who need to update their skills or who have never tried Perl
before. There will also be a hackathon room available for people
wishing to work on projects in a collaboritive atmosphere with
other hackers.

The DCBPW team is currently actively seeking talks as well as
corporate sponsors for the event. We will be working on a rolling
talk acceptance policy, and the number of speaking slots is
limited, so we encourage early talk submissions.

Registration is $25 before March 1st; $50 thereafter. Free
admission is available for students and the currently unemployed.

More information is available at http://dcbpw.org/dcbpw2012.

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