[Philadelphia-pm] Meeting on Monday

Chris Nehren c.nehren/phl at shadowcat.co.uk
Sat Feb 4 18:35:23 PST 2012

Sure, but consider also looking at IO::Kqueue, which is portable to FreeBSD as well at least.
Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren

On Feb 4, 2012, at 18:00, Walt Mankowski wrote:

> Wow, these first Mondays come up awfully quickly, don't they?  We're
> due for a meeting on Monday.  Since I don't believe we have any other
> volunteers, I'm going to volunteer to do something.
> This morning I gave a talk to some Mac weenies called "Pimp Your Mac
> With Perl".  It was basically a repackaged version of Mark Fowler's
> talk which you can find on his excellent website
> http://www.pimpyourmacwithperl.com/ .  But whereas Mark covered about
> two dozen things in 20 minutes, I talked for an hour on just a few
> things.  I focused on how to use perl to:
> * write your own services with ThisService
> * respond to FSevents (the magic used by Spotlight and Time Machine)
> * send Growl notifications
> In a rarity for me, I did live demos of all these things.  In even
> more of a rarity, they all worked!
> Does this sound interesting?  The Mac folks seemed to like it, but,
> you know, they're Mac folks.
> Walt
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