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Imperial Inn is a great choice. My family and I often go there.

If I may, I’d also suggest my friend’s newly opened Thai restaurant, which has gotten good reviews:


There’s plenty of seating, but you may want to make an online reservation just in case.


On Sep 27, 2011, at 1:16 AM, John Karr wrote:

> I work right near there. Since starting my current job I've been doing extensive field research in nearby Chinatown. 
> If the decision is Asian, my top recommendation is: Imperial Inn (146 North 10th St). They have good Dim Sum service at lunch time and the best Egg Rolls in Chinatown. There are a lot of other good choices in Chinatown too. 
> If the decision is not asian around 2nd and Market I recommend the National Mechanics (3rd off Market) or if people don't mind spending a little more, the Continental (2nd and Market). For Cheeseteaks Campos is right there at 2nd and Market. 
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>> On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 17:58:50 -0400 , Aaron Crane wrote:
>>> A lunch meeting on the 6th sounds like it would work best given the
>>> constraints for travel to PPW, even though some people won't be able
>>> to make it.  Does anyone have a suggestion for place and time?
>> I could make lunch on the sixth, presuming it's somewhere in center city
>> or university city. Suggestion on place depends on what you want to
>> have. We're fortunate to have so very many places to eat in the city
>> that it's difficult to recommend a place without any idea of what one
>> wants to have. I'm partial to Asian cuisine myself, but am open to other
>> options.
> Asian food works well for me, and I'm generally an unfussy eater who
> can enjoy pretty much any cuisine, so I'm happy to go along with the
> consensus.  I'm naturally planning to try a cheesesteak while I'm in
> town, but I can happily do that another time, of course.
> I'm currently booked into a hotel near the 2nd Street subway station.
> I'm sure I can find my way to another neighborhood for lunch, though.
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