[pgh-pm] Pittsburgh Perl Mongers | Meeting | Nov 8, 2005

Robert Blackwell robertblackwell at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 18:33:19 PDT 2006

Pittsburgh Perl Mongers

* This months Technical Gathering *


  Slaymaker Systems, Inc.
  4914 Baum Blvd.
  Pittsburgh, PA 15213

  Wednesday Nov 8 at 19:00


* JavaScript basics - Chris Winters *

JavaScript has a checkered past but has in the last year gained
prominence with AJAX and a number of toolkits designed to make easy
things easy and hard things possible. We'll go over some JavaScript
basics and see some interesting applications of how it's used with
AJAX. And we'll probably talk to Perl at some point, too.

Our meetings are open to anyone interested in Perl, the talk topic, beer, geekdom, etc.  Please
join us.

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