[Perth-pm] Perl opportunities in Perth?

Matthew Lock lockster at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 18:48:29 PST 2011

The Bunnings DIY chain which is based in Perth is/was also a perl shop.

Some Bioinformatics departments at the universities in Perth also use perl.

Plus there's some financial companies around town that make use of perl and
shell to automate feeds from stock exchanges etc.


On 05/12/2011, at 9:39 AM, James Bromberger <james at rcpt.to> wrote:

 On 5/12/2011 4:54 AM, Geoff Gunner wrote:

Hi, folks!
 JAPH in London looking to relocate to Perth.
 Looking through the recruitment consultancy listings, I've not seen any
mention of our beloved language. Is Perl not much in demand Down-Under?
Admittedly these days I more project-manage than spend all my days at a
keyboard, but you know Perl - so useful for e.g. bridging Perforce and JIRA
to give an automated turnover release process and TWiki documentation
process. Ending up in a Perl-free environment would be ... tragic.

Hi Geoff,

Having done the London -> Perth in August last year, I'm not seeing a huge
amount of Perl work coming up here in Perth. One potential is the local
large ISP, iiNet (who are based in Perth).

  So, do you good people have any advice for perly job-seeking in Perth?
What sort of companies need people like us? Any and all advice would be
most welcome!

I can't answer that - but it would be good to get the input from others on
the list.

When I'm in Perth, I'll have to meet up with you folks. I don't have
anything in CPAN to my credit, though; my only claims to fame are that I
used to go to college with Tim Bunce, and interviewing John Macdonald for a
job position in my company (honestly; what sort of questions could I ask?!).

Sounds good. We have a catch up session about once per quarter on the first
Wednesday of the month (there's not demand for more regular, unlike
London.pm which is huge in comparison). So January 4th is our next schedule
one; but if you stop by any other time then I'm sure a few of us would come
and share a pint! :)


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