[Pdx-pm] Open Source at Work - Jun 12th meeting

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Wed May 29 12:34:53 PDT 2019

Hi all,

Please join us in two weeks at the June 12th meeting for a presentation.

Open Sourcing DBIx::Class::Events

Andrew Hewus Fresh will be giving a trial run of his TPCiP talk

  While I will explain a bit about what DBIx::Class::Events does
  and how it works, this talk is primarily about open source
  contributions being driven by the folks in a company who care
  about them and how it is up to those people to provide the
  resources and knowledge to everyone else in order to create an
  open source culture in the workplace. As far as I know, no
  request to open source something has ever been denied by my
  employer, Grant Street Group, and while the company has always
  had the same "go for it" attitude, the folks writing code are
  only just starting to gain momentum releasing things publicly.
  I'll talk about showing other folks in the company the benefits
  of sharing code internally, how that exposed the benefits of
  open-source in general, and how we as a company progressed to
  getting DBIx::Class::Events onto the CPAN.

6:53pm - Collective Agency downtown (511 SW 10th, 12th floor)


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