[Pdx-pm] OSCON

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Tue Jan 29 11:58:17 PST 2019

Hi all,

On 15-18 July this year, OSON will be in Portland.

I am sorry to say, but due to several circumstances, Liz and I will 
not be there.  Also, due to other circumstances, Josh Mcadams and 
several other possible booth managers cannot be there.

So, now the situation is like this:
* The Perl Foundation can ask for a community booth at OSCON, and I 
guess the answer will be "yes, sure, it will be nice to have Perl 
here again".  Done that, been there.
* I can send a package of swag to Portland for the booth: stickers, 
buttons, tuits, brochures, Camelia stuffed toy butterflies, pens, maybe more.
* We can ask O'Reilly and other companies for some swag, and we'll 
probably get some.

But we don't have people yet to manage the booth, people who can 
receive the swag.

I hope some of you are interested to take this up and make the 
Perl-booth a thing at OSCON.  If so, please let me and/or Josh 
know.  If so, TPF will set things in motion, I will send a package of 
swag, and ask O'Reilly and some other companies to send more.

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk

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