[Pdx-pm] Please blacklist clickmagick.com

Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at leto.net
Wed Aug 23 21:24:33 PDT 2017

Howdy folks,

I am currently in a legal battle with clickmagick.com, who hired me
via jobs.perl.org.

PLEASE blacklist this company from posting jobs anywhere!!!

They have stolen $15,000 from me and are attempting to force me to
sign documents to give away my ownership in the company.



These are the main prod IP's that they use:

if you want to block them at your favorite firewall, NTP server, CPAN
mirror, or the like.

PPS: Thanks for supporting your local free software hippy.

Jonathan "Duke" Leto <duke at leto.net>
Leto Labs LLC http://letolabs.com
209.691.DUKE http://duke.leto.net
@dukeleto http://linkedin.leto.net https://github.com/leto

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