[Pdx-pm] Portland Perl Mongers updates (no meeting tomorrow)

Chad Granum exodist7 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 12:50:17 PST 2016

First off, there is no meeting tomorrow. We failed to get the word out soon
enough that there would be a meeting, and before that we failed to
effectively communicate with each-other about the plan.

Second off, We are likely not going to have a December meeting, the turnout
in Nov+Dec is typically pretty low, os we will likely take a break until

Finally: *We need someone willing to spearhead the group.* AGJ was the most
recent head of the group, but he has relocated to another state. Since then
a couple long time members have sort of been managing it as we could, but
none of us are able to dedicate to managing this thing month to month. If
you are interested please let us know. Feel free to reply-all on this
email, or join #pdx.pm on irc.perl.org and put your name in the hat.


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