[Pdx-pm] No meeting this month, see you in Feb!

Anthony Johnson aj at ohess.org
Wed Jan 13 16:26:02 PST 2016

Happy belated 2016 everyone! I hope everyone’s latest orbit around the sun has been an enjoyable one.

We didn’t have any interest in speaking this month, so we’ll be taking this month off from meeting. Though, feel free to skip the burdensome requirement of meeting to discus Perl and get straight to the drinking and talking part — I’m sure you’ll find plenty of familiar faces at the SE Lucky Lab on Thursday.

We’ll meet again next month, likely at Dreamhost’s new office in downtown. Once we confirm, I’ll have more information on this.

If you’d like to talk about anything next month, be sure to let me know!

Until next month,
Anthony Johnson
aj at ohess.org

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