[Pdx-pm] February Meeting

Anthony Johnson aj at ohess.org
Thu Feb 11 16:16:02 PST 2016

Hey folks,

Sorry for the late notice, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be meeting this week. I’m very much under the weather, and we didn’t have any interest in speaking yet. There was some talk of discussing YAPC proposals, perhaps we can get together for an off-schedule PDX.pm later this month and review talk proposals. Anyone interested?

YAPC::NA submissions are due before midnight (23:59 EST) on March 1st 2016 -- more info here: http://www.yapcna.org/yn2016/news/1390

I’m sure you’ll find familiar faces at the SE Lucky Lab tonight, if you’d still like to meet. I’ll be laid out on my couch, drinking a bucket or two of hot tea in solidarity.

Until next time,
Anthony Johnson
aj at ohess.org

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