[Pdx-pm] Next Meeting

Anthony Johnson anthony at readthedocs.com
Tue Aug 9 15:33:44 PDT 2016

Hey all,

So PDX.pm is scheduled to meet this Thurs, but I need to make a very
last minute trip out of town. Eric had mentioned hanging out at the
Lucky Lab, I'm sure you'll find some Perl folks around there on Thurs

After this, I'll need to pass off organization to someone else.  So if
you are interested, feel free to bug me, or really anyone at PDX.pm -- I
think we've all worn the organizer hat at some point. I'm sad I can't
attend this meeting, but I'll be back visiting often.

Some folks wanted to discuss a possible Portland Perl Workshop event
this month. So if helping with organization or planning sounds
interesting to you, you should join the conversation. If you'd like to
contribute, but aren't sure how, I'd be glad to share some knowledge
with you.

Until next time!
Anthony Johnson
Co-founder, Read the Docs

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