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Would any mongers be interested in doing a road trip to this conf to
avoid the unpleasantness of air travel?

Perhaps only one way to save time? Looks like 12hrs of driving time
each way, which we could split into two days.

Maybe the 1.5hr flight is more reasonable... but sounds like less fun.


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YAPC::NA::2015 General Information

June 8 - 10, 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah
Little America Hotel
Regular cost is $250/person

Call For Talks

The YAPC::NA planning committee has put out the call for talks and is
asking that anyone interested in presenting at the event submit their
paper by March 1.

Submissions are taken at: http://www.yapcna.org/yn2015/newtalk

You can get help for your talk from your local Perl Monger group, or
by joining the conversation at irc.perl.org#yapc

We are hoping to receive a wide range of topics for a variety of skill
levels from beginner to advanced.

Hotel Early Bird Rate

Little America Hotel has a special rate for those conference
participants that reserve a room prior to March 1. To be receive this
rate, you must register using the link found in the sidebar of:

If you are interested in room sharing opportunities visit the
YAPC::NA::2015 wiki.

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Announce at yapcna.org

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