[Pdx-pm] November meeting and questions for you

Anthony Johnson aj at ohess.org
Tue Oct 28 23:03:05 PDT 2014

First, a friendly reminder that our next meeting will be in a little
over 2 weeks, on Nov 13th.

Second, if you have something you've been wanting to talk about, lets
hear it. Get in touch with me before then, the floor is wide open.

Lastly, there was some interest in meeting up downtown last time it was
brought up. All the cool kids have meetups downtown, but more-so, folks
might be more apt to join us if it were downtown. We have a great spot
for meetups in our office space, located in the Pearl, and could host
the meeting next month. We don't want to deter anyone from coming, so
get in touch with me if it would -- I'd love feedback on this one.

See you soon,
Anthony Johnson

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