[Pdx-pm] January Meeting - Module Interface/API design

Anthony Johnson aj at ohess.org
Mon Jan 13 14:05:42 PST 2014

Thanks everyone for coming out, we'll see you all next month! Step 
forward if you'd like to speak in the coming months -- topic 
propositions are always welcome as well.

A brief recap of our last meeting:

- Slides from the talk are available at:

- You can download the audio book of the talk, narrated by Chad at:

- PAUSE finally resumed, you can find the example module at:

Finally, if you are an avid IRC user, you'll find most of us kicking 
around on irc.perl.org on #pdx.pm, see you there.


On 12/31/2013 11:11 AM, Anthony Johnson wrote:
> Fellow Mongers,
> Our first meeting of the new year will occur in a little over a week, on
> Thurs Jan 9th -- same place, same time. Chad will be giving a two part
> talk that night:
> * Module Interface/API design
>    Speaker: Chad 'Exodist' Granum <exodist7 at gmail.com>
>> Most developers create a module when they want to solve a problem.
>> Most focus goes into the inner-workings of the module. Interface
>> often takes a backseat and is addressed as an afterthought. This
>> approach to interface design leads to horrible headaches.
>> For Part 1 Chad will be introducing several module interface
>> paradigms. This includes a brief review of OO, as well as simple
>> exporters and declarative builders. Examples from common CPAN modules
>> will be given.
>> For Part 2 chad will take attendees through an exercise in designing
>> an API for an example module that is actually useful (and not simply
>> a toy for the example). We will weigh the pros and cons of different
>> interface possibilities as well as show a complete implementation.
> For more info:
> http://calagator.org/events/1250465416
> Good riddance 2013, see y'all next year!
> Anthony
aj at ohess.org

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