[Pdx-pm] pdx.pm meeting Tonight at freegeek 6:53pm

Chad Granum exodist7 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 07:29:41 PDT 2014

When: 6:53pm
Where: FreeGeek
What: Perl Mongers!

The night will start with an introduction to two features of the upcoming
perl 5.20 release that *I* personally cannot wait for. After that we have 2

*1) Open Forum*
Assuming enough people have interesting things to talk about.

*2) Test::More/Builder/Simple session.*
I recently took-over as maintainer of the Test::More project, which
includes Test::Simple and Test::Builder. As maintainer it is my job to make
sure Test::More and friends continue to operate, and work. I need to ensure
bugs get fixed, and new features get implemented (or rejected). That said
nothing says I am required to code everything myself, this is after-all an
open-source project!

This session would start with a glance at the issue tracker for Test::More,
which currently has 29 open issues. My hope would be to find volunteers who
want to have their names added to a list of Test::More contributors by
grabbing an open issue. handling it, and submitting a pull request. I will
also stick around for the social time at the lucky lab after the meeting if
anyone wants to fire up a laptop and dive into the code.

Ultimately, if the pdx.pm members enjoy this, we may dedicate 5-10 minutes
at the start/end of each meeting to discuss ongoing Test::More
contributions by pdx.pm members.

*Meeting will be followed by a social gathering at the nearby lucky lab.*

-Chad Granum
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