[Pdx-pm] New here

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 18:57:36 PDT 2013

# from Stefan Geneshky on Monday 02 September 2013:
>Does this list get a lot of SPAM or I'm just not getting it? Fist some
>guy sells O'Reilly books, then another guy wants to recruit for Intel
>... Next comes the Nigerian prince.
>Anyway, looking forward to this week's meeting.

Hi Stefan,

Welcome.  The meeting is next week (2nd Thursdays, except in the first 
month after the fifteenth oscon)  Please feel free to also meet people 
this week. ;-)

As for spam: all first time posts are moderated.  So, if you see an 
offer from exiled royalty, it will have come from an address which 
previously posted something convincingly civil.

You just happened to arrive on a busy day.  Job posts should really be 
marked "[job]", but I don't think anybody put up a big sign about it 
(feel free to help with the website.)  I have always rejected 3rd-party 
recruiter mail (especially if they subscribe+post without asking) and 
tell them to please use jobs.perl.org for that.  (Though we would 
probably allow them to bring tacos and hand out cards before the 
meeting.)  I typically will forward job mail from principals (i.e. 
employer/client) who are not on the list.

I think the o'reilly posts have gotten gradually more spammy.  I prefer 
more concise mail with fewer pointy things.  (Does anybody read this in 
plaintext before sending it?  Also, they need 43 byte IDs?)  It used to 
be readable enough that you could see a list of new books in there.


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