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Mark Morgan lemming at quirkyqatz.com
Mon Sep 2 13:51:17 PDT 2013

And the O'Reilly book link was looking for reviewers, not selling, 
something that has been done for many years.

And the amount of traffic on the list, fairly low.


On 09/02/2013 02:33 PM, Mark Roberts wrote:
> The spam content on this list is very low. Generally I see organizing 
> for pdx.pm get togethers, hackathons, talks, a few questions, a few 
> new cpan announcements, some perl6 announcements, and a few job 
> requests (of both varieties).
> -Mark
> On Sep 2, 2013, at 12:29, Stefan Geneshky <stefanguen at gmail.com 
> <mailto:stefanguen at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hi, I'm new to PDX... Just moved from Los Angeles.
>> This is me: https://metacpan.org/author/MINIMAL
>> Does this list get a lot of SPAM or I'm just not getting it? Fist 
>> some guy sells O'Reilly books, then another guy wants to recruit for 
>> Intel ... Next comes the Nigerian prince.
>> Anyway, looking forward to this week's meeting.
>> Cheers,
>> Stefan Geneshky
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