[Pdx-pm] Kwiki -> Markdown converter (was Re: last night's meeting (and beyond.))

Ingy dot Net ingy at ingy.net
Tue May 14 14:05:05 PDT 2013

I can give that a try. Can someone point me to the data set? (or tar it up
and mail it to me)

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 2:15 PM, Michael G. Schwern <schwern at pobox.com>wrote:

> On 5/10/13 1:41 PM, Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> > Will dump some old kwiki data into git later.  Thoughts on the
> > PortlandPerlMongersMembers page / is everyone ready to replace their
> > profile with a single link instead of having 91 pages in a wiki?
> Last night we talked about writing a Kwiki -> Markdown converter to get
> the existing wiki off of Kwiki and onto Github.  Nothing fancy, just get
> the basics working for the meeting archives.  Complicated syntax people
> can do by hand if they care.
> Anybody already working on that?  If you are, can you put it on Github
> and provide a link?
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