[Pdx-pm] last night's meeting (and beyond.)

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Fri May 10 13:41:39 PDT 2013

# from Michael G. Schwern on Tuesday 07 May 2013:
>Perhaps have one person each month(s) be responsible for making sure
>that month's meeting and events happen.

The turnout was very similar to last May, which may be an indicator that 
reminder mails are essential and/or May in Portland is too gorgeous for 
sitting inside a warm room.

I setup a github org and Anthony started the github pages.  We looked at 
the kwiki data - 105 meetings, 91 members, and 40 other pages (some of 
which should be deleted.)

We discussed some kind of workflow with the github pages where the wiki 
would be useful for incoming meeting ideas, which would be pulled into 
the pages site and pushed out as calagator, mail, etc, then archived 
after the meeting.  That should allow multiple %Josh to operate all or 
part of the ongoing / monthly process of creating meetings.


Will dump some old kwiki data into git later.  Thoughts on the 
PortlandPerlMongersMembers page / is everyone ready to replace their 
profile with a single link instead of having 91 pages in a wiki?


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