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Fri May 10 13:25:52 PDT 2013

We will have a raffle at the June 13th meeting?

See also, discount code below:

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Subject: [pdx-groups] Open Source Bridge 2013 + PDX User Groups
Date: Wednesday 01 May 2013
From: Kirsten Comandich


I'm one of the organizers of Open Source Bridge, Portland's annual
conference for open source citizens. We're holding our fifth event this
year, June 18–21 at the Eliot Center downtown and would love to have the
members of local user groups involved. We'd be delighted if you could
mention the conference at your user group meetings and encourage

We have two great bonuses to offer user groups:
1)  DISCOUNT CODE: Members of your group can register at
http://opensourcebridge.org/attend/ using the code "osbugluv" for only 
(that's $100 off our regular registration rate).
2)  FREE PASS TO GIVE AWAY: You can raffle off a free conference pass to 
member of your group. When you have selected a winner, just send their 
and email address to usergroups at opensourcebridge.org and we'll take care 
the rest. These raffles work best when you let everyone know about the
conference details, allow anyone in the group to sign up, and then draw 
winner at random (preferably at a public meeting).

In past years, we've had some local user groups hold their monthly 
at our conference venue or organize other related events. This can be a
great way to connect your user group with both local and out-of-town
conference attendees. While passes are requried to attend our daytime
content, we open things up to the public in the evenings and are happy 
provide meeting space and promotion. Let us know if you're interested in
holding a meeting or have an idea for another event.

I've included further details about the conference and the discount code
below, for easy forwarding to your group's mailing list.

Thank You!
Kirsten Comandich
Open Source Bridge


Open Source Bridge is a volunteer-run conference for people who work
with open source technologies. It will take place June 18-21, 2013, in
Portland, Oregon. The conference includes five tracks focused on
connecting projects and experiences across different areas of open

The schedule includes three days of traditional conference
presentations, a day of free-form unconference sessions, and our
vibrant Hacker Lounge, a space for socializing and collaboration.
You'll find relevant sessions and activities whether you write web
apps, tinker with operating system internals, create hardware, run a
business, write documentation, or contribute to open source in other

As a user group member, you can use the coupon code "osbugluv" to
register at a discounted rate of $200 when you select Regular
Registration (that's $100 off). You can register at

Visit http://opensourcebridge.org/ to learn more about the conference.


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