[Pdx-pm] [gh-pages] proposed update with content

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 11:05:29 PDT 2013

# from Anthony Johnson on Sunday 16 June 2013:
>There was talk of using gh-pages as a landing/portal page,
>keeping all content in the wiki, but also putting up a copy of
>upcoming meeting details as posts in jekyll.

If we could link/embed it or automate it, it would be nice to have the 
next meeting shown on the front page (and maybe a link to the meeting 
archive.)  It would also be nice to take it down after the meeting and 
set a TBD note until the next meeting info is available.  (This wish 
assumes an automated regen+push or some javascript.)  Or even just 
javascript to create a link directly to the next meeting in the wiki?

Meanwhile, is there any way to get the wiki to be pdx.pm.org/wiki/?


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