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Zak Zebrowski zak.zebrowski at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 16:36:35 PDT 2013

Try exiting shell and starting a new one to pick up new paths.  (If dancer was just installed.). I tried to use Dancer, but I couldn't make it work under par/win32 correctly.

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On Jul 22, 2013, at 7:23 PM, Tom Keller <kellert at ohsu.edu> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I wanted to try out Dancer. I installed the latest version from CPAN (using sudo).
> Following the tutorial, I typed
> $ dancer -a myapp
> gives command not found.
> dancer-5.12 is found, but running that just returns the help for dancer with usage as
> $ dancer -a myapp
> ... and around and around we go.
> Suggestions greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> Tom
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