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 [image: O'Reilly Programming - Newsletter
Next Computer Is?

[image: IBM then]For the moment, let's assume that you're ready to purchase
*your next home computer*. Is it going to be a sleek little Linux system,
all racing stripes and aerodynamically honed for performance? How about a
Windows box, ready for business and sporting a new UI? Or are Apples more
your thing, silvery and friendly and elegant? Something built out of a
Raspberry Pi, or a stuffed-to-the-gills tower full of RAM and GPUs?

The OS is certainly a major decision point in a new PC purchase, but there
are also a lot of other choices to make. What drives your buying process
these days? Let us know at
programming-newsletter at oreilly.com<programming-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Programming+Newsletter+-+Your+Next+Computer+Is?>

The Programming Newsletter Team
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Open Dialog What the Open Source Community Is Talking About

[image: Terminal]STUX on You
When not honing his performance for the Russian production of The
NSA Whistleblower *Edward Snowden* continues to drop little bombshells here
and there. His latest claim is a bit of an open secret, that the US and
Israel collaborated<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zhujptljjthf1n1g3f0qmt1k3548c2chsop9he18>on
the infamous Stuxnet process control virus that hampered Iran's bomb

Xen ARMs Itself
The latest edition<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zjrtkqr4ccp7n533ck6q7smcev9grd1jh17ehsrg>of
*Xen Hypervisor* is out, now under the sheltering wings of the Linux
Foundation. The 4.3 release includes a technology preview for ARM support.

A 3-D Printed Shooter That Won't Get Banned in NY
With all the hubbub about 3-D printed firearms, it's nice to see someone
using a RepRap to create something that doesn't fire bullets. A French
DIYer has released a set of open source
create old-school film-based SLR cameras. Someone might want to tell
that physical film is a dying

This Is a Test of the Emergency Pwnage System
Had this been an actual, well-thought out system, the root SSH keys for the
devices used to distribute the Emergency Alert System to citizens would not
have become publicly
Expect frequent warnings of rampaging zombies in the future.

Build the Future
This year the Open Source
10 years of contributing to the open source community, by
hosting global projects and mentoring students. Now a part of Oregon State
University's School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the OSL
is restructuring their organization, focusing on Education, Outreach, and
Research and Infrastructure<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z3snil6q6ugaluliu8q7oqno5ebk4hhqf6tdcb50>
How to Boost Web Performance Using SOAP API Monitoring A Hands-On Intensive
with Experts from DELL

Webcast sponsored by
[image: Dell]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zfkamvh4gk0v9ev9h05t2qgd26nd57a8p065d348>

Presented by Rob Dickinson, John Spirko, and Andy Wahrenberger

Is your apprach to web application monitoring out of balance? Too often the
focus is on synthetics, log monitoring, and even browser instrumentation,
while not enough attention is paid to API, REST, and SOAP. Learn about the
benefits of SOAP API monitoring and how it can improve your website
performance—especially important if your company is expanding web
application partner channels and mobile applications. Join us for a deep
  Join us for this free webcast
Pop! The Weekly Quiz Order Up

[image: School House Rock]

This week's trivia puzzler may try your soul. What goes best with four
fried chickens, according to a legendary movie comedy?

Know the answer? Send it along to
programming-newsletter at oreilly.com<programming-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Programming+Newsletter+-+Pop+Quiz>

In spite of the extra-long holiday break, we only received one correct
answer to the last quiz. *Scott C. Swalwell* knew that The Tokens sang of
Isaac Newton's discoveries in the Science Rock classic, "A Victim of
Gravity," as well as charting with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."
Cascading for Enterprise Data Workflows

In this podcast<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z8oi4hncihnnv4049a4hvv37t6gv7ppvo87alqs0>,
*Paco* *Nathan*, Director of Data Science at Concurrent, O'Reilly Author,
and OSCON 2013 speaker, talks about creating enterprise data workflow with

[image: Cascading for Enterprise Data
tail -f /dev/newsletter More Legacy Coding Woes

[image: soldier]We've previously reported on the hunt for PDP-11
programmers, but there are signs that other ancient programming platforms
are also good for job security. Witness the *DOD payroll accounting
seven million lines of undocumented and unmaintainable COBOL strong*. While
soldiers put their lives on the line in far-flung corners of the world,
their famiies go on food stamps because the glitchy check-cutting system
short-changes the payroll.

Personally, I'd rather apply for that gig in
If you get that wrong, you might just irradiate millions of people. If you
get the DOD payroll wrong, you could end up with thousands of highly armed
and enraged military personnel after you.
  In This Issue:

   - Your Next Computer Is?
   - Come to OSCON—for Free!
   - Open Dialog
   - How to Boost Web Performance Using SOAP API Monitoring
   - Pop! The Weekly Quiz
   - Cascading for Enterprise Data Workflows

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