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  [image: O'Reilly OSCON - Newsletter

Microsoft announced their new subscription model for Office this week, dubbed
Office 365<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zjpiso8hj5ejiv0i2vnqnmljr5qvs8m8pb0oid7g>.
Adobe has been offering a similar
a while, allowing Creative Suite users to have the latest versions of
the software for a monthly fee. As more software integrates into the cloud,
or moves entirely to online versions, pay-as-you-go is gaining ground.

Of course, it also does an end-run around the doctrine of first sale, since
you won't be actually purchasing software anymore—merely renting it. *But
is subscription software what the users want?* We'd like to hear your

Write to us at code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+-+Is+subscription+software+what+the+users+want?>.
We're glad to gift all respondents a free O'Reilly ebook of choice.

The Code newsletter team
OSCON 2013 ENDS FEB. 4: Call for Speakers—OSCON 2013

[image: OSCON Images]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z5v50sm7hhe53esq91k318vojb2vpi97ltqggnco>

We're looking for speakers to be part of the program for the 15th edition
of OSCON<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z7suoh04e6cg3ihbpbd347a0bvrhelpajivt6uvg>,
happening July 22-26, 2013, in Portland, Oregon. If you have a new idea, a
better way to do something, an interesting and instructive case study
(battle scars optional), or the desire to pass on your hard-won knowledge,
submit a proposal to lead sessions or tutorials. Deadline is Monday, Feb. 4.
Find Out More
Open Dialog What the Open Source Community Is Talking About

Redmond Got Git
If the thought of ever touching Visual Source Safe again makes your skin
crawl, rejoice! Microsoft has
upcoming versions of their developer tools, including Visual Studio,
will support Git.

Pi All Around
What do you get when you put 15,000 single board computers in the hands of
schoolkids? Google will soon find out, having
UK's school system a grant to do just that.

[image: Lego Raspberry
Planning to release an app that leverages Facebook's APIs? Better cross
your fingers, because Facebook has toughened its

Berry Good
In what is either a brilliant move to signal the launch of their new
BlackBerry Z10, or the ultimate case of rearranging deck chairs on the
Titanic, Research in Motion has changed its
match that of its best known product.
Registration is Open for Fluent 2013 Master the Tools and Technologies
Driving the Web

[image: Fluent Masters]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z7mq7eb1nhgikaablv5476aubrbk7pm014c5o2rg>

Tracks include:
Front End Frameworks and Libraries • The Server Side • HTML5 and Browser
Technologies • Pure Code and JavaScript • Mobile • Tools, Platforms, and
APIs • The Leading Edge • Doing Business on the Web Platform

*Register by February 27 for our best price*
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Pop! The Weekly Quiz Go Bang

[image: CSI]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zcqlshl4ctfhutfkop6naqlijo30m5gg7f487u7g>Think
you know your Nobel Prize winners? Well, riddle us this: *Which Nobel prize
recipients earned their title after cleaning up pigeon poop?*

Think you know? Write
code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+-+Pop+Quiz+&body=Which+Nobel+prize+recipients+earned+their+title+after+cleaning+up+pigeon+poop?>with
your answer. The first correct respondent is welcome to choose a free
ebook from the O'Reilly catalog.

*[image: Dawson's
TIME*, *Brent Black* rang in first with the right answer, being the first
of many of you to know that West Las Vegas University and Boston Bay
College were both fictional schools, from *CSI* and *Dawson's
Q's A'd The Interactive Bit

[image: Penguin
Last week, we asked you to name your preferred Linux distro. A record
number of you responded, forcing us to revert to math.

*Ubuntu* was the massive overall fave, receiving three times as many votes
as the second runner–up, *Mint*. Next was good old *Debian*, with *Open Suse
* and *Arch Linux* in a tie for fourth place. Those with negligible (but
fanatic) support included *KNOPPIX*, *Crunchbang*, *Gentoo*, *Mandriva*, *
Xubuntu*, *Fedora*, *Scientific Linux*, and *Slackware*.

The overwhelming majority of you wrote several impassioned paragraphs
describing your bestest love and the reasons why. It made for great
reading! Here is just the smallest sampling.

"I would love to run pure Debian but am running Ubuntu for the cohesion of
the interface," says *Keith*.

"Without a doubt it's Ubuntu," echoes *GQ Lewis*, who explains, "It is
simply the most intuitive of the Linux variations that I've used, and I
have easily tried 10 or more. That's what has been most impressive about it
to me."

"Ubuntu," pronounces *Charlie*, "because I've found it the easiest to
install and manage without having to sweat the details."

"I would like to put in a strong second vote in for Puppy Linux," says *Michael
O'Grady*. "Brings older machines back to life and is pretty snappy."

"Crunchbang takes up virtually no space and runs like greased lightning,"
says *Stefan*.

"Straight to the chase: Arch Linux," says *Nick*. "Clear and comprehensive
documentation, simple and lightweight architecture, and an insanely elegant
package manager. For the first time in my digital life, things 'just work.'
What's not to love?"
tail -f /dev/newsletter All Good Things Must End

[image: Cheating
When shopping for a cell phone, most people look at battery life, voice
quality, and perhaps what apps it can run. But for a segment of the
Japanese cell phone consumer market, the most important factor is how well
it can hide your cheating

The wily and promiscuous evidently swear by the Fujistu 'F' series phones,
clunky awkward flip phones that look like some weird invention from the
late '90s. But, magic can be ugly. The handsets include a mode that hides
texts and call history on demand, allowing philandering Don Juanabees to
carry on several secret lives.
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