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The Call for Papers for Velocity NY
and Strata Conference
both open. Submit your papers today, and don't miss your chance to get
in on best pricing for Velocity
August 22) and Velocity
EU <http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zrs6htj64sob7844va7pcq9n7i4m5jqa1o4ofnu0>(ends
August 29.)


—Marsee Henon and Jon Johns
Available for Review [image: Building Hybrid Android Apps with Java and

The UG team is looking for reviewers for the following books & videos.
Consider posting your reviews on Amazon, Slashdot, oreilly.com,
goodreads.com, and/or your blog.

   - Building Hybrid Android Apps with Java and JavaScript
   - Software Requirements 3, 3rd
   - Java EE 7 Essentials

It's easy for you to get books for your meeting or special events—just
email usergroups at oreilly.com and include the words "book request" in the
subject line. Don't forget to include your deadline and shipping address.
Prefer ebooks? We can send you a free ebook certificate to print out for
raffles or book reviewers.
New Releases  [image: SDN: Software Defined
Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Enterprise Content
Jump Start Rails]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z2avpa1oj52b35d5fli2sftlt8le13l3ilos8n0o>
The Practice of Network Security
The Data Warehouse Toolkit, 3rd
Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud
 O'Reilly Webcasts: Meet Experts Online For Free!

Modern Server Application Design with Erlang. Presented by Fred Hebert.

[image: Modern Server Application Design with Erlang]
* Tuesday, September 3
10am PT, 1pm ET*

 [image: Register

Erlang programmers have boasted about high concurrency, fault tolerance,
and high scalability. However, using the language alone for this isn't
enough to guarantee any of these properties: you have to use it right and
play to the platform's strengths.

In this presentation, we will explore some common application design
patterns, tools, libraries, and optimizations used by Erlang developers for
production systems.

Join us for this *free hands-on webcast*. You can enjoy this informative
presentation from the comfort of your computer chair!

To see more upcoming events and *meet experts online* visit


[image: DEVOPS]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z5eabh2amsfp8gsenoe94birpe3501lagvdlc7v8>
Two free reports for building teams

If you're charged with changing to a DevOps culture, or building a data
science team, these two reports should help you get started with some good
ideas. DJ Patil explains the skills, perspectives, tools and processes that
position data science teams for success and Mandi Walls outlines strategies
for building a DevOps culture, including aligning incentives, defining
meaningful and achievable goals, and creating a supportive team
environment. Get a free copy of Building Data Science
a DevOps Culture<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zj69nc47tj2bt82kvt1pvk72f58mp3ejfieatlp0>
Healthcare Data Series, Free Webcasts

[image: StrataRX]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zeb4tp8omeg2fqo0utkr4hs1k4j8pcvtkckfl7u0>

Sign up for any of our upcoming Healthcare Data
webcasts leading up to StrataRX in Boston, Sep 25-27.

   - Aug 20, 2013 Community Clouds for Cancer Genomics: Lessons Learned
   from Bionimbus<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zg6f5qbvfmhddktq0fr5uo1ltt3eqfif716p5u80>Presented
by Robert Grossman
   - Aug 22, 2013 Creating Visualizations to Tell a Story: From Macro Data
   to Micro Story<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zb41pcqbsga88otqab6j4thqjikq9gsl3pukkvfg>Presented
by Ida Jooste
   - Sep 4, 2013 Why Facebook and Google Missed the Boat on
by Sreedhar Potarazu

This weeks O'Reilly blog posts

[image: Blogs]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zn0rb9kh4uv67q3hpmvcb6m58ul5j8o2gcts633o>

On this weeks O'Reilly blogs, Simon talks a very short history of
Rachel interviews Ray about
and Ben talks about IT

Register for NCDevCon (Sep 21-22 Raleigh, NC)

[image: MoDevTablet]<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1z5q6ehgn9qo14v7cmk8prisu793rlfipd0d8nudg>

North Carolina's Premier Web & Mobile Conference,
is on the Centennial Campus of NC State University in Raleigh, North
Carolina, September 21-22, 2013. The conference will cover a wide variety
of web development and design topics including HTML5, Mobile, JavaScript,
ColdFusion and CSS.
Put Up a Banner & Get a Free Book—UG Leaders Only

We're looking for groups to display our discount banners on their websites.
If you send us your group's site with one or more banners posted, we'll
send you the O'Reilly book(s) of your choice. Choose from the following
list of banners:[image: Strata Conference + Hadoop

   - Strata Conference + Hadoop World Banners
   - UG Program
   - UG Discount


[image: Buy 1 Ebook, Get 1 Free with your user group discount code:
Buy 1 Ebook, Get 1 Free with your user group discount code: *DSUG2*

Looking for more? Visit

[image: Find more at oreilly.com]

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