[Pdx-pm] Fwd: [pm_groups] yapc::na arrival dinner

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Sun May 27 23:55:06 PDT 2012

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Subject: [pm_groups] yapc::na arrival dinner
Date: Sunday 27 May 2012
From: Uri Guttman 

hi pm leaders,

please forward this to your local pm if you know of any of your members 
who are going to yapc::na in madison WI. it is sold out but we need to 
get some information to many of the attendees.



hi to all yapc::na attendees,

if you haven't signed up to the yapc mailing list, please do so. it is 
the primary area to interact with other yapc attendees (world wide). you 
can discuss events, best local beers, sharing rides/rooms, rental cars, 
places to eat, hackathon projects, games to play etc. you can sign up on 
this page:


one of the major social events of yapc::na has been the arrival dinner. 
it will be on tuesday, june 11 from 7-10 pm at moe's grill and tavern. 
if you are planning to attend please signup on this wiki page. we need a 
quality head count for them to arrange for enough food. we are getting 
drink deals (1/2 price on margaritas so far and something for beer is in 
the works) so read that page also for updates. if you are on a strict 
budget because you are a student or underemployed, we will have several 
scholarships. contact me off list if you want one of them.


hope to see you at yapc::na and the arrival dinner!




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