[Pdx-pm] Eclipse Sunday

Keith Lofstrom keithl at gate.kl-ic.com
Fri May 18 18:19:14 PDT 2012

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 05:15:35PM -0500, brian d foy wrote:
> Hey PDX.pm-ers,
> I'm going to be at OSMI for their eclipse viewing party, which starts
> at 4:30ish on Sunday, and then I'll be Paddy's at 65 SW Yamhill around
> 7:30pm. Anyone who shows up then gets to vote on what happens next. :)


The PLUG Linux Clinic happens at Free Geek Sunday the 20th between
1 and 5, helping folks with their Linux problems.  While that is
going on, I hope to run the live feed from Fujiyama:


... on the big screen in the room.  That will happen from about
2pm to 5pm PDT.  It will be monday morning in Japan.  After the
Clinic, I'll head to OMSI, perhaps to see some soggy (and hard
to light) astronomers.

The current forecast for Portland on Sunday afternoon is overcast
with a 20% chance of rain.  We may see the sky get anomalously
dark above the clouds to the west, but we might not be able to
see the actual occultation.

If it is also overcast over Fujiyama, then I guess we'll just
have to get out the big rocket engines, move the moon, and
schedule a redo next month.   The moon's orbit ought to be
confined to the ecliptic anyway, more eclipses and easier
calculations that way.  Two syzygies a month, or bust!


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