[Pdx-pm] No meeting on may 10th? What about June 14th?

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Sat May 12 00:45:31 PDT 2012

# from Eric Wilhelm
# on Saturday 12 May 2012:

>I'm sure the weather played some role in the small turnout this
>month,  though my failure to have a meeting topic planned and send
>out announcements and reminders until the day of the meeting probably
>didn't help.

My mail on the 4th asking for a meeting topic yielded no discussion.  
I'm not sure if that is because everyone was already planning on being 
somewhere else or just not interested in discussing it.

For things to go smoothly, I typically need to have a speaker lined-up 3 
weeks ahead of time -- at which point I work with them on getting the 
meeting announcement written so it is ready to post 2 weeks before the 
meeting.  Some months have 5 Thursdays, (and April was not one of them 
this year), so currently you all have around 2 weeks to volunteer to 
speak at next month's meeting.

Even with all of that preparation, a great speaker with a very 
interesting topic could still have a hard time getting more than a few 
people into a dark room to look at slides while the sun is shining "for 
the first time in months".  Maybe our summer meetings should be in a 

There is a (very stale) page on the wiki for meeting topic suggestions.  
The lovely thing about a wiki is that you can shake that staleness right 
off of it by editing it.


Please discuss what you think would make an interesting meeting (or feel 
free to e-mail me off list or chat on irc.perl.org/#pdx.pm)  Also, if 
you haven't given a talk before, but think you might like to try, please 
feel free to contact me about that -- it is possible to even give a 5 
minute or half-meeting talk.


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