[Pdx-pm] [Vaguely OT] Looking for gigs

Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at leto.net
Fri Jun 15 11:12:48 PDT 2012

Howdy y'all,

I recently resigned from the startup that I was working at due to
sub-optimal working
conditions, so I am a free agent!

I (of course) am looking for Perl related gigs, but I also do Git consulting,
including teaching people how to effectively use Git+Github, converting other
VCS's to Git and generally teaching people how to be Git ninjas.

If you know of anybody that could use my services, I would greatly appreciate a
referral. I give all my new clients a free first hour and I send a crisp $20
bill to anybody that refers somebody to me that turns into a paying client.

May the source be with you,


Jonathan "Duke" Leto <jonathan at leto.net>
Leto Labs LLC http://labs.leto.net
209.691.DUKE http://dukeleto.pl

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