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 [image: O'Reilly OSCON - Newsletter

On the Road to PDX
[image: Wash Your Hands!]Over here at O'Reilly HQ, we're getting ready for
next week's OSCON event. Also preparing, editor *Andy Oram*
top five tips for staying healthy while at a conference.

What is your best tip for not getting sick after spending four or more days
with several thousand of your closest friends? We'd love to know and are
glad to gift a free O'Reilly ebook to those who take the time to respond.
Write code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+-+July+12,+2012>and
help us all stay healthy.

 [image: Edd Dumbill] [image: Sarah Novotny]  The Code team on behalf of
Edd Dumbill and Sarah Novotny
Chairs, OSCON

*PS*: Not going to OSCON? Watch most of it live from
Free Expo Hall Pass Experience OSCON with a Free Expo Hall Pass

If budget constraints are holding you back, the OSCON Expo Hall Pass is
your ticket to the OSCON experience. Not only will you have access to the
Expo Hall filled with 100+ exhibitors, but you also get into all the
events, sponsored sessions and tutorials.

Get a Free Expo Hall
Open Dialog What The Open Source Community Is Talking About

Speaking Objectively
*[image: Hammer and Cool]C++* has suffered a blow, knocked off its
long-standing No. 4 position on the top *programming language*
What's moving up the charts with a bullet? *iOS*-friendly *Objective-C*.

Good News, Bad News
The Good: *Google* is releasing a new collaborative IDE tool called
*as open source. The Bad: That probably means that any hope of a
Google-hosted collaborative development tool is dead.

A Sorted Tale
If you're old-school enough, you can remember the endless days of debating
the best *sorting algorithms* to use. Now, a snazzy web
you see visually how they stack up to each other. As you might expect,
the more efficient they are, the less easily you can understand them

Decline and Fall
[image: Unfortunate Steve Ballmer Image]A new *Vanity Fair*
*Kurt Eichenwald *tries to explain why *Microsoft* has tumbled from its
formerly lofty heights. Much of the matter seems to lie with Microsoft's
corporate culture, which, according to Eichenwald, began to value internal
visibility over productivity or innovation.
Pop! The Weekly Quiz He Who Steals My Microcomputer, Steals TRS-80

DIY, Circa 1980
[image: Hackers]Dig out your soldering iron. When the original
*TRS-80*came out, many hardware hackers soldered an additional chip
into the
motherboard to get something extra. What did they get?

Think you've got it? Write
code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+-+The+Weekly+Quiz>with
your answer. The first correct respondent will get to choose a free
O'Reilly ebook of his or her choice.

*We are delighted to report that Code readers have terrible,
*terrible*taste in movies, because a bunch of you recognized 'Hackers'
as the movie
with the reference to Aho and Ullman's 'Dragon
Mike Hitchcock was the first to show his poor cinematic choices.*
tail -f /dev/newsletter All Good Things Must End

You've Always Wondered
[image: What Would
of course, the official comic strip of mega-geekitude. When cartoonist
*Randall Murnroe* isn't being absurd, he often brings to light interesting
facts or looks at *science* and *mathematics* from interesting angles.

Now he's branching out from the usual comic strip format with a new
subsite, *what-if.xkcd.com*<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zgc1l1q0s09h2jj2smk7hkffikrne0efmndfjtn0>.
This new site takes an in-depth look at an interesting (if occasionally
frivolous) hypothetical question.

For example, what would
a pitcher was somehow able to deal a fastball traveling at
*90% of c*? The TL;DR of the matter is, you'd better watch it on TV.
 In this Issue:

   - Conference Cleanliness
   - OSCON Expo Hall Passes
   - Just Plain Ouch
   - TRS-80
   - What If?

  Follow us: [image:
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