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 [image: O'Reilly OSCON - Newsletter

[image: Mr. Monopoly]Net Neutrality remains a hot issue. In the U.S., the
two presidential candidates have very different opinions on the matter,
with presumptive nominee Mitt Romney a firm
government regulation, and President Obama a strong

But does it matter? As we've seen with *SOPA* and *PIPA*, sometimes the
public sits up and takes notice. The crucial question is whether Net
Neutrality strikes that kind of chord.

*What do you think? *Is the public well enough informed to act on Net
Neutrality? Write
code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+-+Net+Neutrality>with
your thoughts. We're glad to gift all respondents a free O'Reilly
ebook of choice. (An O'Reilly account is needed to receive the free ebook.)

 [image: Edd Dumbill] [image: Sarah Novotny]  The Code team on behalf of
Edd Dumbill and Sarah Novotny
Chairs, OSCON
Open Dialog What the Open Source Community Is Talking About

Drill, Baby, Drill
[image: A Very Large Drill Indeed]You won't need to be a dentist to
appreciate the Drill<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zfg3aurctd4mr76cfah7edf831hlvjfhm8ros3fo>that
the folks over at
*MapR* are proposing. They are starting up a massive project to duplicate
Google's über-efficient Dremel data analysis tool.

The NSA has spun off some of their database technologies into a new startup
called Sqrrl<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zdv5hlqoqo48tq97es6480dp420jlnp0l6uj9p6g>.
The vowel-deficient company will offer a commercial version of the secure,
massively capable database known as *Accumulo* (Note: not a Marvel or DC
universe villain), which is itself based on some familiar tech, Google's

Oh, Uncle Walt!
A recent episode of the Disney kid's show *Shake It Up* helped the audience
learn the important lesson of where viruses come from. From downloading
open source software<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1ze0gbjk6j23ui1kk66i4hg0evlrrkjhk1k7ki8gg>,
of course! Stay tuned, kids, for the exciting next episode, when failure to
pay full price for MP3 files causes house fires!

Of the People, By the People
It's evidently old news, just now reported, but worth a read. Apparently,
when it came time for Iceland to revamp their constitution, they simply
crowdsourced it<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zcf5e10q0uue327vn5ruqr9vm858s7j76kmhmg7o>.
Could the U.S. have avoided the whole Civil War by just branching the

Catching Air
[image: DIY Airplane]Sure, it's a bummer when an open source software
crashes, but imagine the damage that an open source plane might cause.
Heck, don't imagine it. Do it. You can now download plans to 3D print your
own aircraft<http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1zto7kqueqo2kcicm26l1t9216b3n3bueq9er1sq8>.
Might want to print a parachute or two while you're at it.

Late to the Dance
But welcome: The
Microsoft that upcoming versions of Office will support all the common
open documents has been oft-promised, and this time it seems it's for real.
Pop! The Weekly Quiz There Was Life Before 'Harry'

*J. K. Rowlings* is by no means the first person to write good science
fiction or fantasy for the young adult market (a certain Mr. Heinlein comes
to mind, for one). This week, we're looking for the first book in a YA
series that has, at various times, featured a walking Christmas tree and a
dog who can conjure pocket universes full of squirrels.

Think you've got it? Write
code-newsletter at oreilly.com<code-newsletter at oreilly.com?subject=Code+Newsletter+Pop+Quiz+-+First+book+in+a+YA+Series>with
your answer. The first correct respondent is welcome to a free
O'Reilly ebook of choice.

*[image: Cartoon]LAST WEEK*, the question concerned why some
astrobiologists were less than pleased with an aspect of Curiosity's trip
to Mars.

For the second week in a row, the self-described "world's most complete
sink of worthless knowledge," *Simon MacDonald, *was the first and only
correct respondent.

Simon's "worthless knowledge" this time is that because the wheels of
Curiosity touched down onto the surface directly, scientists worry that
they may not have had time to be properly sterilized by the harsh Martian
Q'S A'D The Interactive Bit

[image: Cliff-Hanging Computing]Last week, we confessed to experiencing a
bit of trepidation when forced to unplug long enough to vacation, a
phenomenon known as Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). We wondered: Are we alone?

Emphatically not, as legions of you wrote in to confirm or deny the

"I'm sure it hurts to go without food for a day or three, but many have
done it and survived just fine," writes *Rufus Eves*. "A modest fast from
being constantly connected would likely do us all much good."

New Mexico programmer *Bar Shirtcliff* admits she doesn't spend much time
anywhere that's not "short of breathtakingly beautiful," so no--she's never

Neither, she suggests, are her fellow hikers. "Certainly nobody on that
narrow ridge between Wheeler Peak and the next peak over, buffeted by 70+
mph winds, has time to reflect on their Twitter stream," Bar says.

*Hobson Lane* once sailed around the world in a boat. He's had enough alone
time, thank you. "Loneliness is in our DNA," he writes. "And it's not just
about missing out on the news. It's about life passing us by--missing out on
the chance to contribute to the collective consciousness."

"Yes, I do suffer from FOMO," confesses *Herb Lainchbury*. "I first noticed
it and its cousin Fear Of Picking Irrelevant Technology (FOPIT) early on in
my career."

*Jeff Ireland* thinks we all look like someting out of *The Matrix*.
"Everyone I see out and about has a slightly tilted head, looking at a
text, an app, an e-mail, Angry Birds, twitter, GPS," he writes. "Everyone's
*connected,* but it's connection via pixels and 140 characters, not solid
interaction. So, I definitely don't have FOMO."

Recently while on vacation, *Sumana Harihareswara* merely concentrated on
"questions like 'how do I
cross this stream via these slippery rocks?' Recommended."

Waxing far less rhapsodically, *John* cuts to a point we all know: "I don't
have a fear of missing out so much as I have anxiety about having to wade
through what piled up," he says. We hear that!
The O'Reilly Animals Open Source and Endangered Species

Work on Stuff That Matters
[image: Elephant!]We have to admit to taking a certain delight in watching
elephants batter a camera placed in the lush Sumatran rain forest. "Go,
elephants," we might even be heard to mutter.

But that camera is important.

As shown in the Eyes on
project, placing a camera out in the wilds to catch the habits of the
forest denizens is important. It's also awful tough on a camera.

The O'Reilly Animals
Eyes on Leuser this week so that you might consider how you can
help devise a camera impervious to humidity and elephant's feet or figure
out how to upload video to the cloud half a world away.
tail -f /dev/newsletter All Good Things Must End

Life's Language Writ Really (Really) Small
[image: Bookish DNA]We're all getting used to reading books on tiny
screens. But one Harvard geneticist has taken books to the next level of

*George Church* used new DNA sequencing technology to create a
his new book,
*Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves, *encoded
in DNA. Then he made 70 billion copies.

Although human reviewers have been a bit reserved in their comments on the
new book, microbial reaction has been very positive. "Finally, a book small
enough for me to read comfortably," gushed E. Coli. "A real base-pair
turner," exclaimed S. Pneumoniae. "And I've already incorporated some of
the genome into a new super-bacteria version of myself."
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   - The O'Reilly Animals: Eyes on Leuser
   - Life's Language Writ

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