[Pdx-pm] off topic (possibly): web based shared document with control

Melissa Hollingsworth melissa at fastanimals.com
Wed Apr 18 11:21:58 PDT 2012

On Wed, 18 Apr 2012 09:59:26 -0700, Joshua Keroes <joshua at keroes.com>  

> 2012/4/17 Tom Keller <kellert at ohsu.edu>
>> I have a group of people that want to contribute to a document on-line  
>> but
>> each person needs to be able to edit only their own section, with read  
>> only
>> permission for the parts written by others. Is there a web app that  
>> allows
>> that? Obviously, a Perl solution would be best.
> Well, there are lots of more permissive models out there. EtherPad was
> bought by Google and spawned http://docs.google.com . In the Google Docs
> document editor, you'd be able to share a single document with the group
> and people could edit in real time. Unfortunately for you, there's no
> notion of protected sections.

Could you simply treat each section as a separate document, with the
section-document read-only for non-owners?  It might not be ideal, but
it would be simpler than rolling your own.

I don't know of any preexisting SAAS which would let you set perms on
parts of one doc in that manner.

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