[Pdx-pm] job posting policy

Eric Wilhelm enobacon at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 10:24:46 PDT 2011

# from Jonathan "Duke" Leto on Wednesday 26 October 2011 08:32:

>For future reference, and for all the others watching, this kind of
>solicitation is not appropriate for this list, unless you are the
> actual manager/co-worker that would work with the development
> position.

To reiterate our job posting policy:

  Job posts are welcome from principals only.  You just need to be a
  part of the hiring company (e.g. potential boss or co-worker), not a
  3rd-party recruiter.  It is polite to tag the subject with "[Job]".

  The job should be for work which will be done from the pdx area --
  telecommute or local office/gig -- as long as you're not looking to
  hire away our members.

  All are welcome to post on jobs.perl.org.

  Please do not subscribe to the mailing list just to post a job.
  Instead, send your post to pdx-pm-list-owner at pm.org and it will be
  forwarded to the list if it is appropriate.  Similarly, the list
  admin will help if you have any doubt about your post.

This has been a bit more permissive than what Jonathan is saying, which 
is that you must be part of the technical team.  If others on the list 
are annoyed by job posts from non-technical employees (e.g. HR), we 
should discuss changing that.

I just now added the last paragraph.  The mailing list's first post from 
a new member is moderated, and I will probably just reject any job 
postings which show up that way in the future.

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