[Pdx-pm] What I learned from Eric about CPAN errors

Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at leto.net
Wed Nov 30 19:58:32 PST 2011


> One problem turned out to be related to not knowing which choice to make
> when I used Jonathon Leto's module starter (at
> http://leto.net/modstarter.cgi).  Here is Eric's useful advice:

Cool, people use my stuff! But also, bad me! modstarter.cgi is sorely out of
date. It even gives you a .cvsignore file! I have been meaning to rewrite
modstarter.cgi and I just haven't found the tuits.

But, I recently had the fortitude to scrape lots of old legacy code from
various moldering directories and put it on Github. Modstarter is a gem of
not-so-Modern Perl:


That's right, "use warnings" but not "use strict" !

Go ahead and laugh, but how much of *your* legacy code is on Github?

In short, I also highly recommend using Module::Build :)


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