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Parrot Foundation is also ramping up for GCI, if you would like to
help us come up with tasks, please add them here:



On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 10:54 PM, The Dread Parrot <enobacon at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Subject: Google Code-in - urgent assistance required
> Date: Sunday 30 October 2011 18:16
> From: Paul Johnson <paul at pjcj.net>
> To: module-authors at perl.org
> [ See this post in glorious HTML at
> http://blogs.perl.org/users/paul_johnson/2011/10/more-about-gci-2011.ht
> ml ]
> The Google Code-in 2011 (GCI - http://wiki.enlightenedperl.org/gci2011)
> will be starting shortly.  This is the programme under which students
> aged between 13 and 17 years are encouraged to get involved in open
> source projects.  The Perl Foundation would like Perl to be a part of
> this programme, bringing both short and long-term benefits to Perl and
> the students alike.
> Many of you will have seen my previous post
> (http://blogs.perl.org/users/paul_johnson/2011/10/gci-2011.html) asking
> the Perl community for help in creating tasks for students.  A few of
> you have subsequently added tasks to the ideas page
> (http://wiki.enlightenedperl.org/gci2011/gci2011/ideas).  For this we
> are extremely grateful.  Some of you may well be planning to add some
> tasks.  We'll also be very grateful for these tasks.
> It's almost time to submit our application.  But for our application to
> be successful we really need to add more tasks.  So I'm renewing my
> appeal for your help.
> We need help from all sorts of people.  From developers, from
>  designers, from technical writers, from managers, from marketers, from
>  QA people and testers, from architects, from trainers, from user
>  interface specialists and from anyone who can speak more than one
>  language.  And if you're reading this and don't fit into any of those
>  categories then you undoubtedly have other talents and we probably
>  need you even more.
> We need you to visit the ideas page
> (http://wiki.enlightenedperl.org/gci2011/gci2011/ideas) and read about
> the sort of tasks we need.  Then create a login and add a task.  If you
> can't or don't want to create a login, please mail your task to me at
> paul at pjcj.net
> Here are some suggestions for tasks:
>  - Develop a new feature.
>  - Port to a new operating system.
>  - Fix a bug.  (Go and check your RT queue.)
>  - Add tests for a feature.
>  - Add tests to improve coverage.  (Take a look at cpancover
>   http://pjcj.sytes.net/cpancover/ )
>  - Add to or improve documentation.
>  - Write a tutorial.
>  - Make a tutorial video.
>  - Make a promotional video.
>  - Add internationalisation (I18N) to a module.
>  - Translate documentation, tutorials or web sites.
>  - Investigate API changes.
>  - Research new ideas. algorithms or libraries.
>  - Compare and contrast modules.
> But feel free to let your imagination run wild.  Any task that a young
> student could perform that would be beneficial to the project is fair
> game.
> In addition, if you really cannot think of a task to add, but you would
> be willing to act as a mentor please add your name to the ideas page
> (http://wiki.enlightenedperl.org/gci2011/gci2011/ideas) and note any
> areas in which you would be willing to mentor.  In particular we are in
> need of mentors who would be able to assist with translation tasks, so
> if you speak more than one language please add your name and note which
> languages you speak.  We also need mentors who would be happy to work
> with students on bugs in modules where the author is unable to do so.
> But we're very happy to accept all volunteers.  So please either add a
> task or sign up as a mentor.  (Or both.)
> But this is getting very urgent.  Our application needs to be on
>  Tuesday so please don't delay and sign up today!
> Thank you very much for your assistance.  I trust that with your help
> this year's GCI will be even more successful than last year's.
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