[Pdx-pm] Bailey's Taproom on Tuesday evening

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Because I've already been asked offlist about the "move to Europe" comment, see this for background:


In short, my company is paying people to move to Amsterdam.

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>Hi folks,
>For anyone looking for a touch of pre-OSCON camaraderie, there's a local event called B.U.T.T. (Beer, Um, Tuesday, Too) that I know some of my friends attend and I hope to be there.
>I'm told that it's Tuesday evening at Bailey's Taproom, starting at 5:30. Would be great to see some of you there.
>I'll probably be handing out business cards and trying to convince some of you to move to Europe, but even if you don't want to move, that's OK. Still would be nice to see some of you :)
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