[Pdx-pm] OSCON special: Have an Australian crash on your couch!

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Mon Jul 18 08:38:50 PDT 2011

G'day PDX.pm!

I'm about to arrive in your fabulous town for the quadruple wonders that are
OSCON, GearCon, the Community Leadership Summit, and Trek in the Park!  Some
of you might know me from my talks or hats at conferences, others might know
me as the wacky Australian who wrote autodie.

I'll be in town from tomorrow evening (Tuesday 19th) until the weekend after
OSCON (next week).  Unfortunately, my previous accommodation plans have
fallen through, so I'm looking for a place to crash with relatively short
notice.  I'm easy to house (my baseline for sleeping is aircraft economy
seating), am happy to help with chores, can share outrageous stories of
adventure, and I have professional massage training. :)

If you have an outstanding bug open in autodie, this is also a great way to
get it fixed. :)

Obviously, offers of couch space (even if just for a night or two) in the
earlier part of this timeframe (tomorrow night onwards) are especially
appreciated.  :)

Many thanks in advance, and all the very best!


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