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Kevin Scaldeferri kevin at scaldeferri.com
Tue Feb 15 14:11:28 PST 2011

[Apologies for cross-posting, I know some people will see this
multiple times]

The company I work for (Gilt Groupe, http://www.gilt.com) is planning
to open a satellite office in Portland and we're looking for a few
good developers to populate it.  (I've been telecommuting from here
for 2.5 years.)

About the company: We are a flash-sale site for designer clothing,
housewares, travel, and local services.  We've been in operation for over 3
years, have strong revenue and growth, and are expanding into new
business lines (for example, we started wine sales in the last week).
The main office of the company is in NYC.

About the tech: we use a variety of tools as appropriate to get the job
done, including Ruby, Java, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, non-relational
message queues, and batch job systems.  Performance, scalability, and
reliability are key for us as we process thousands of orders per
minute as people rush to get the best deals when a new sale starts.
Our peak traffic can hit "half an Amazon".

About you: We're looking for skilled, flexible, self-sufficient
developers with broad experience in web and server applications.
Experience in specific technologies is less important
than general smarts and the willingness to learn and adapt to a
rapidly changing environment (including physical environment, since
we'll be setting up an office from scratch).

If you're interested, please shoot me a resume.  Feel free to include
any questions you have about the company and the job opportunities.
If you'd like to grab a coffee and chat before applying officially,
I'm happy to meet up.  Also, although Gilt is invite-only, you can use
this invite code to preview the site and register so you can get a
better idea about what we do: http://www.gilt.com/invite/kevins

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